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In conclusion, ...

Which comparison?

Ethics vs Physics

Not-justified-inferentially premises about particular moral scenarios cannot be used in ethical arguments where the aim is knowledge.

Extension to not-justified-inferentially premises generally?

‘debilitating pain is, other things equal, a bad thing, to be avoided or alleviated’ (Railton, 2014, p. 814)

Ethics vs Linguistics

Premises about judgements about particular moral scenarios need to be supported by carefully controlled experiments if they are to be used in ethical arguments where the aim is to establish knowledge of their conclusions.

Unless there is something wrong with the argument, Rawls, Foot, Railton ...
Instead it might be to characterise aspects of moral cognition (as Kozhevnikov & Hegarty (2001) use an Aristotelian theory of the physical to characterise physical cognition). Or the aim might be to understand what consistency with certain judgements would require.